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Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Simple House

You are probably wondering, "Who are all these people and why is Nader not in the picture?" Well I am not in the picture because this is a picture of entire A Simple House community. Essential A Simple House is an organization of lay missionaries who work with the poorest of the poor in the neighborhoods of Washington, DC and now Kansas City, MO. My good friend Ryan Hehman is a member of this group, but that is not way I am dedicating a post to his life's work.

A Simple House was contacted by The Washington Post and a very interesting article was written about them. I encourage you to check out the article entitled "A Not-So-Simple Life". Why? - because they are just one of many organizations that address the poverty present here in America -as some say 'the wealthiest nation in the world." One does not need to travel to Africa to find the poor, rather drive a couple blocks to "wrong side of town" or walk into the backyard and you will see poverty here in our own country. A Simple House not only goes to see the poor, but works with them, gets into the heart of their messy complex lives, and reaches out a hand to say "I am here to walk with you."

There have been some very cynical and pessimistic comments posted in response to the article written about A Simple House. I recently added my own not so pessimistic comment to the website as well.. The article does not due the organization justice for the good work they do. Granted not everything is accurate and as all media there is a spin placed to it by the writers of the article; but A Simple House is trying to put the Gospel into action in a way they feel called. Not everyone is to live as they live, yet we are called to address poverty within the vocations we have been given. If you feel called please leave a positive comment after reading the article.

At the house of formation in San Antonio, the homeless and those who are in need of food can come to our door for sandwiches during the daylight hours. We offer bologna and cheese with mayonnaise, mustard, or both or peanut butter and jelly. If we have an abundance of sweets or fruit we give that away too. We do not give out any cash, but in this tiny way we help to satisfy their stomachs. I know that this is something small, that it is not a solution, and that it is temporary, but you would not believe the number of people that can come to our door some days. We have our regulars and we have those one timers too. I try to ask those who come to our door their name and shake their hand - it is important for me to give them dignity by calling them by name. I also like to toast the bread for them because when I make a sandwich for myself that is what I do - so I try to do it for them too.

In what ways are you able to help the poor? Help out at the local Soup Kitchen - do you even know where that soup kitchen is? The next time a homeless or poor person asks you for money, don't just give them money but buy them lunch and if you have time sit with them. Find out where your local Habitat for Humanity Affiliate is. Donate your used clothing to a shelter. Look in your parish bulletin for community service opportunities. If you have a considerable amount of leftover after going out to eat arrange them nice in the to-go box and then give them to the first homeless person you see. Pray for the poor and those suffering in your daily prayers. I know that these are not solutions to the societal sin of poverty - but if everyone did a little something maybe the sin would no longer exist.

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