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My name is Nader Ata. I am a Conventual Franciscan Friar of the Our Lady of Angels Province, USA. I am a transitional deacon preparing for Priesthood Ordination in the fall.

Seeking to live with Franciscan Joy each and every day!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hello family, friends, fellow bloggers, and people I have never meet,

Peace be with you! As you know I have not written anything on my blog since Sunday December 5th. I know that I have not been faithful to my commitment to write on my blog every Sunday. (Thank you to Ileana, Liz, and Sarah for reminding of this).

All I can say is that I have been overwhelmed over the past two months and have not had the time nor the energy to work on my blog. Today I finally logged onto to Facebook after a couple of weeks to respond to the 43 friend requests that I had, many of them being students at St. Francis College. Also the last time I checked I had 574 messages in my e-mail inbox that I have yet to sort through.

I will resume my regular Sunday updates as of next week. Hopefully on Saturday March 5th the two month anniversary since my last post I can do some catch-up posts to bring you up to speed on my life up to now.

Well "Rejoice in hope, be patient under trial, persevere in prayer" Romans 12:12

With Love and Blessings,

Friday, February 25, 2011

Birthdays, Birthdays, and more Birthdays

Life begins at conception I have no doubt about that, but it would kinda of weird if celebrated Our Conception Dat and not Our Birthday.  This post is about various birthdays that were celebrate during the end of November and the months of December. 
Tom, Jordan, and Mateo, the men of FrancisCorps celebrate their brithdays within less than a week of each other.  Mateo - Nov. 18, Jordan - Nov. 18, and Tom - Nov. 24. 
They requested Ice Cream for their dessert.
Above is an ice cream cake with chocolate chip cookies, chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup.  Below is an ice cream cake with oreo cookies, ice cream sandwiches, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup.
The Birthday Men!
FrancisCorps with Toño and I

Below is a Birthday Cake the I made for Teacher Cindy.  You can tell from outside, but the inside of the cake is neon green, Cindy's favorite color.
And last but not least of our FrancisCorps Birthdays is Brittany. On February 24, Brittany celebrate her 23rd Birthday.  She asked for a pineapple upside down cake, I arranged the pineapple to spell out her name.  Can you see it?

Here is Brittany with her cake!