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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

FIT and Procurator General Visitor

Today I blessed to have visited my biological brother in NY and to have a visit from a fraternal brother from Rome.  On the left you can see a picture of my brother (Alex) and his friend Arielle standing outside of FIT - Fashion Institute of Technology.  Alex is taking two summer classes there one about merchandizing and the other on the history of fashion.  Arielle has been taking classes at FIT for 2 years now.  We meet up for lunch today at Chipotle - would you expect anything less!  We bought our burritos and sat outside on one of the ledges around FIT - that is where Alex and Arielle eat lunch everyday.   The fraternal brother I met today is named friar Robert Lezohupski - try to saw that last name 5 times in a row.  He is a wonderful joyful friar originally from Poland and friends with friar Derek who is stationed at Most Holy Trinity full time.  To the right is a picture of the three of us.  Friar Robert works in the Procurator General Office in Rome and is a lawyer.  He speaks 7 languages English, Polish, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and thing the last one is Germany.  I thought trying to be trilingual was difficult.  He is a very smart yet down to earth guy and hopefully are paths will cross again.

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