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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An Ode to Brooklyn...

It has been about one month and two weeks since I left my summer assignment in Brooklyn and began my second year of theology at Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio. It has been a whirlwind since then. I am taking six classes and am a member of an RCIA team with one of them. Though it is a lot reading, reading, and more reading; I am learning so much about the Church (it's teaching, it's life, and those I will serve), my own personal faith, and who this God is that seek to follow. I have also been graced, honored, and blessed to be a part of The Line In the Sand: Stories from the U.S./Mexico Border. We preform a week from tomorrow and also on the Tuesday following that. So pray for us.

Below is my ode to Brooklyn through pictures. Thank for all who made that time sacred. I especially would like to thank the friars at Most Holy Trinity (frs. Santo, Timothy, and Darek) as well as all the parishioners at Most Holy Trinity - St. Mary. Enjoy!

Here is a picture from our Memorial Day party in the newly constructed backyard at Most Holy Trinity Friary with the friars from the local New York and New Jersey area.

These are pictures from the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Festival on her feast day (July 16th). The first picture is of Wellington, fr. Santo, Juan Luis, and Zenaida. Then is one of Manny trying to complete this game to win an Ipod as Wellington watched him. Unfortunately he never was able to do it.

Here are pictures from a sad yet beautiful event - The Stop the Violence Rally and Liturgy. The event was sad because it was in response to the recent increase of gang violence and the shooting on an innocent young adult. The event was beautiful because of the way seven different parishes (and their pastors), the bishop (Nicholas DiMaarzio), people of all ages and races, and people called to various vocations were present. Above you see a picture of the Bishop proclaiming the Gospel, the number of people gathered, and fr. Santo and fr. Timothy to the right and to left of the Bishop. A moving part of the day was a skit were there was a gang fight and about ten teens/young adults were killed. As the skit continued each of those killed were called by name, stood up and the story of who they wanted to be as adults was announced. In the end the message was do not let us loose another life so young.

Above are pictures from the Williamsburg bridge into Not Brooklyn (Manhattan) from Brooklyn. As you can see I am on the Brooklyn. Also there is a picture of fr. Santo with Wellington.

Here are pictures from when the friars came to visit my parent's house in New Jersey for a day of relaxation. First is a picture of me, the friars, and my friends who were there. Then there is a picture of me and my family as my dad prepares to blow out the candles from the surprise B-day cake the friars just happened to bring a week before my dad's birthday.

Above is a picture taken with Ms. Lauren Cecilia Long in her new apartment in Manhattan only blocks away from Central park. It was nice to see her again before leaving for San Antonio.

August 8th, 2008 - 67 years to the date of my dad's birth. The friars said I could go surprise my dad after Mass on Sunday. It was nice to be with the family one last time before going to SA.

After many phone tags, I finally got to see Mr. Brendan Riordan. I had not seen Brendan in about two and a half years. It was a grace to catch up with him (at a 24hr diner by the way - gotta love the East Coast) and it was awesome to see where he volunteers as an EMT through the fire department. Plus I got to visit is home, met Mrs. Riordan, and their cat whose name escapes me.

Last but certainly not least, I was able to see Mr. Ross Nodurft in his new Resident Director apartment at Fordham University. After about two weeks of playing phone tag, we finally met up, had some ice cream, and caught up on life.

Happy Feast Day of St. Therese (the Little Flower) to you!
Thank you for indulging in my Ode to Brooklyn!
Many blessings and much peace to you!

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