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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Richard Michael Craine, Jr

On this post, I am going to let the Craine Family speak.....

"On Friday, September 19th, 2008 at 8:45pm, Richard Michael was born into this world, after 2 hard days of labor for Erin. After 2 days, the doctors believed the baby was just too large to be delivered naturally, even though we ( Erin) tried with every ounce of energy and will power to deliver the baby naturally. We believed we were making the best decision for mommy and baby. God definitely guided that decision, as the doctors announced the baby's sex in the delivery room, I believe the exact words were "It's a boy! It's a GREAT BIG BOY!". Great big boy does little Ricky no justice. He was 21 inches long, 10 lbs. 14 oz. with a head circumference of 15 inches. Those are typical measurements for an 8 week old baby. I like to claim that he is really from my family (the Craine's) because his head is already too big for himself! (Ok stop laughing so hard at my jokes at my own expense.) The baby was healthy and mom was healthy after 2 long days of hard work, some small scares, and a lot of prayers. We thank everyone for their help, support, prayers, best wishes and text messages (20 cents each - I expect payment!) (Erin just yelled at me). We've attached some pictures of the little guy.

Mommy is still recovering and doing great. She has a few weeks where she needs to take it easy and just relax. Baby just has to keep eating ,sleeping and pooping. I really wish he would sleep more than the other 2, but sleep doesn't seem to be a favorite thing of his (so far....) Erin's mom is going to visit for this coming week to help us both out. Nothing like a little experience to help things.

We thank you all for all the prayers again, we believe you helped make everything as successful as it was through your support. After mommy and baby have time to recover and enjoy each other, we're looking forward to introducing little Ricky to everyone!

Rick, Erin, and Ricky"

I am a proud pseudo-uncle. Congratulations Rick and Erin! Welcome to the world Ricky!

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