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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Great Friends with Good News

After 9 months of not seeing Erin pregnant and showing, I finally was graced to see her and I was blessed to be in Rick and Erin's home for a rainy Saturday 2 weeks ago. Above is a picture of Rick and Erin the soon to be Mom and Dad (Sorry for the bad picture of them, I forget to check to see if they were looking at my camera). Below is a picture of Erin and I, we took this picture to give the visual of how pregnant Erin actually is. The baby was over 8lbs the last time I talked to Erin and Rick. Please pray that the baby is born safely and that Erin's health continues to be blessed. Oh an of course pray for Rick too!

Mr. Ed Rogers and Ms. Elizabeth Fette are engaged and will me married at the end of May. What a powerhouse duo of bright orange and lime green! May their adventure filled, singing, and funny face posing engagement time be blessed.

About a two weeks later I was blessed to hear that Mr. Jimmy Kane and Ms. Tara Rutledge are engaged as well. I know that for sure Tara was surprised because I talked to her the night before the engagement and she had no clue. May the love and the joy they share be inspiring to all they come in contact with.

On that same of my visit to see Erin and Rick I was blessed to also see Lauren and Jake Patterson now the Patterson family because they and the world were graced with the birth of their first child Nathanael (pictured above). He was born on Monday August 11th - the feast of St. Clare - and his name is inspired from John 1:45-51. Lauren is doing well, Jake seems great, and the baby is healthy - what more can a family ask for.

What Can I say!?! I am a proud and graced friend. I share these things with you not out of boasting but out of honor. It is a gift to know such great people and to have our lives intertwine of this journey of life. We see sorrows much of the time on the news and in newspapers, so may this be a testament and a celebration of the joys! If there are any joys or prayer requests that you would like me to post, just e-mail me.

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