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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Día del Maestro Part 2 of 3: Games and Birthdays

After a long delay of about 5 months here is part 2 of el Día del Maestro: Games and Birthdays. Below are photos of various teachers enjoying the many games from the day.
Matt riding the bull!
José riding the bull, do not let his weight fool you, he rode the bull for a very long time!
Robert after reaching the top of the totem pole.
Mariela trying to reach the top of the totem pole - her facial expression is priceless!
Another one of the workers who reached the top of the pole too.
Mauricio close, but no cigar!

While we were celebrating the teacher's we also got the chance to celebrate three birthdays.  We did not plan this, so our individual birthday cakes were smiley face made from nuts clusters for the eyes and fried plantains for the mouth. I had to work with what I had.

Marie Isabel, Mateo, AnaBelle blowing out their candle!

After receiving their cakes, they had to through a coin into the pool and make a wish.  Here is Maria Isabel making here wish.

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