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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Día del Maestro Part 3 of 3: Favorite Photos

Doña Marta ready to rock n' roll at the Carnival Hammer Game
Teacher Fabiana going big or going home on the Hammer Game.
Teacher Ariana showing us how to win this game.
Teacher Hilda riding the bull:
One of the funniest photos I have ever taken
María Laura showing the bull who is boss!
One of the workers after making it to the top of the pole!
Some nice looking cowgirls and the Gringo cowboy.
Teacher Anabelle making her Birthday wish:
Just like at the arch she has going.
Teacher Gabby showing us younger folks how to dance!
The teachers having a great time dancing!
A photo of me trying to dance!!!
María Laura - She make an excellent cowgirl!
Mariela and Melany
Teacher Anabelle
This is what happens 
Me sleeping on the bus ride home! 
(See I do put embarrassing photos of me on my blog too!)

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