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Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Adventures Before Costa Rica...

Before my arrival in Costa Rica many wonderful moments of friendship, fellowship, and fun occurred. Below are pictures of some of them:

VISIT OF THE BAPTISTINES: On May 20 and 21st I was blessed to spend time visiting with Brothers David (One of my Novitiate classmates) and Augustine who recently formed The Brothers of St. John the Baptist; an Association of the Faithful in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph. They are a newly formed contemplative community of religious brothers who rely on the work of their hands to support themselves (ie. soap, incense, candle making, and tailoring), as well as donations from benefactors.
Br. David and I
Brs. Augustine, David and I

VISITING WITH MAKRANCE: Lauren and I got the pleasure of seeing other during my visit home. I did not get a picture of her and I, but I do have a picture of her and my niece. Lauren and I did enjoy a great dinner out at P.F. Chang's which has a great gluten free menu.

VISIT BACK TO THE NOVITIATE: After two years since my last visit I had the grace to go back to the Novitiate. From those that do not know, the Novitiate is where I received my habit and where I professed my first vows after a year of study, prayer, discernment, and work. Below are two pictures: one is of the novices from the past year and their directors and the other is of me with the novices and Br. Paschal.

(This picture was taken by Fr. Robert)

VISIT WITH VINCENT: During my visit to the Novitiate I drove out to Carey, OH and spend some time with Vincent. Vincent and I lived in San Antonio for two years and he discerned to leave the novitiate during the past year. Carey is a very small village and it did not have a bowling alley so we drove to Findlay to be able to bowl. Below are three pictures of us at the bowling alley. First, there is one of Vincent bowling a spare. Second, is one of me bowling a strike. Third, is a picture of our final score: I won 146 to 108 and had 4 strikes that game. *Note: this is the first game I have ever won against Vincent*

Lastly is a picture of Vincent and I outside the Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation before I drove back into the Novitiate.

VISITING THE ROGER'S FAMILY FOR THE FIRST TIME: On Saturday, July 7 was the Baptism on Ruth Cecilia, the first born child of Ed and Liz Rogers. Funny story, I never actually saw the Baptism, I was stuck in traffic with Erin, Rick, Ricky, and Lauren and never saw the Baptism live. I did have the chance to watch the video of the Baptism while at the party at Ed and Liz's. Below are some pictures from that day. First, is of Ed, Liz, and Ruthie talking through Skype with Liz's family in Texas. Next, is a picture of Ed and Ruthie; followed by a picture of Liz and Ruthie. Finally in this set is a picture of Ruth and I.

VISITING THE CRAINE FAMILY: As usual, I enjoyed a lovely Sunday dinner with Erin, Rick, Ricky, Lauren, Ryan, and Laura. Here are great pictures of this fun evening. First, is a picture of Ricky, isn't he cute! Next, is a picture of Ricky and I. Then there is a picture of Rick and Ricky and one of Erin, Lauren, and Ricky. Lastly, there is a picture of Ryan and Laura.

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