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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Joint Assembly

Joint Assembly
Immaculate Conception and St. Anthony of Padua Provinces
June 23-26 2008
Hunt Valley Marriott

"BEHOLD, I make all things NEW"
Revelation 21:5

This week marks a historical moment for the Conventual Franciscans in America.  About 190 friars of the Immaculate Conception Province (founded in 1852) and the St. Anthony of Padua Province (founded in 1906 from the IC Province) are gathering together for 4 days in Baltimore.   It is a time of reunion with friars I already know and a time to meet friars who I have never met from my province as well as those of the Immaculate Conception.  During this time we will pray, meet, discuss, eat, socialize, and recreate with each other.  It is unsure if a reconfiguration of the two provinces as one again will be the inevitable step after the assembly, but at least the friars of the two provinces are given a chance to get to know each other more.  We place this Assembly in God's hands and we pray that God's will be done in all things.

As a side note, I am recovering from my sprain in my left foot well.  I gave up on the crutches (through the suggestion of Friar Santo) and have moved to a wheel chair.  The wheel chair is surprisingly easier and to be honest more fun to use.  It is a humbling thing to have older friar wheel me around and help go where I need to go.  In due time I will be doing the same for them, I hope that I am as gracious in that service as they are to me!

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