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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Super Graced!!

Today, I was graced to be one of the servers at the funeral of +Albina J. Kozial, the mother of Fr. John Kozial (a friar of my Province, a former CUA campus minister, and a formator at the house in DC).  It is was a great witness to the brotherhood that I have experienced in religious life.  We are and always will be sons to our birth family and also brothers to our religious family.  I continue to pray for the repose of Albina's soul and for consolation to the Kozial family and I ask you to do the same.

+Albina J. Kozial

Born to John and Serafina Janulewicz
February 11, 1925

Entered Eternal Life
June 11, 2008

May her soul and the souls of all our faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace!


I also am graced today because I begin my vacation with my family for a week.  I was shocked yet excited to see that my brother Alex is driving with his permit and came to pick me up from the bus station with my father.  It was shocking because he was behind the wheel, yet it was excited because he was driving pretty well.  It is always a joy and a grace to be with my family, and if you know anything about my family you would not be surprised that the first thing we did when I got home was....Eat!!  You got to love big fat and wonderful Egyptian families, we love to eat, be hospitable, and enjoy each other's company.  

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