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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sprained Left Foot

So today my parents threw a little ok a not so little pool and BBQ get together.  While Pokey, Ryan, and I were enjoying the pool and throwing those soft squishy water toys around I went out of the pool to pick up two of them that landed outside of our gate.  As I was on the grass Pokey threw me a football toy that he had and I was in mid-catching mode when I went down on my left foot the wrong way.  Ryan and Pokey said it was a great attempt for the catch and that it would have been great if it was video taped.  I was bummed that I missed the catch and that my left foot was in pain.  After about 10 minutes the family members started to arrive and by that time I was down for the count with an iced and heavily swollen left foot.  Then I spent most of the day hopping around and icing my foot.  Ryan, Pokey, and Lauren (Makrance) were very supportive.  My family referred to me as the "victim" for the day, but what can you do!  After everyone left I went to the Emergency Room got an X-ray and was blessed to hear that I did not have a fracture but just a sprain.  So praise God, but now I am walking with crutches and a bandaged foot for the next 2-3 days.  Thankfully I will be at a Province Gathering and do a lot of sitting down.  I am also thankful that this occurred before going to Indonesia with Nancy, Pete, and the Lee Family - leaving on Friday!  Well tomorrow will be another day and hopefully no more drama for the week....

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