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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer 2007 and San Antonio Fun

Summer last year began with two vow ceremonies, first of Erin and Rick Craine at their wedding and Sr. Beatrice Clark, O.P. at her first profession with the Dominican Sisters of Nashville.  I was blessed to attend both of their ceremonies.

Erin and Rick about to eat the delicious wedding cake.

Rick, Erin, and I at the reception.

Srs. Beatrice and John-Peter who are blood sisters of the Clarke family, both in the Nashville Dominicans.

Srs. Beatrice, John-Peter, and I

After my summer adventures, I packed up my things and moved to San Antonio, my first obedience.  I attend the Oblate School of Theology for my Masters of Divinity (Masters in Theology for the Priesthood).

Me at the infamous Alamo, but it is a lot smaller than people make it out to be.

Vincent Windau (a postulant with my community), Ray Cook (Classmate of mine at Oblate who is with the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, and Me at a Spurs Game.   Oblate ran a Spurs ticket give-a-way and I won.  We had great seats, good company, and the Spurs won the game!
Our House Christmas Picture
Front Row (L-R): fr Reto Davatz (IC), Fr. Gerry Herman (OLC), fr Andy Martinez (OLC), Br. Paul Clark (OLC), fr Nader Ata (SA), Middle Row: fr Nick Romeo (SA), Joe Kruse (OLC), Fr. Phil Ley (OLC), Br. Tim Unser (OLC), Back Row: Troy Dunn (OLC), Vincent Windau (OLC), Fr. Larry Mattingly (OLC), Fr. Camillus Gott (OLC), Bryan Hajovsky (OLC)  - IC = Immaculate Conception Province, SA= St. Anthony of Padua Province, and OLC = Our Lady of Consolation Province.

Pete and Me skiing! Actually this was probably the first moment I was actually standing up after waiting about 15 minutes to be rescued from the mountain.  It took 1 hour to get down a hill that takes most people about 10 minutes to get down.  After a morning of lessons I was able to go down smaller hills while only falling once.  On that day is great because it snowed 6 inches so if I did fall I fell on a soft mountain space.

This picture probably seems out of place, but it has a short story.  During this past semester I worked with the ACTS Missions Office which promote and encourage ACTS -Adoration Community Theology Service - Retreats.  It is a retreat started in San Antonio which has its roots in the Cursillo Movement, is a parish based retreat, and encourages people to be more active and participating in their faith.  I worked with Br. John Huckaby, OFM (pictured with me above) who went on an ACTS retreat with me.  The suspenders are worn primarily by the retreat teams of the men's ACTS retreats - just to let you know those suspenders are not in the normal rotation of my clothing, though some think it could me.  Check out the website

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