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Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Jorge!

On Thursday, August 19, Jorge celebrated his ??? birthday! (If you look close enough on the cake you can see how old he is)  Unfortunately he was not here to celebrate.  Thus we celebrated his birthday as a community on Tuesday August 24.

Within the first month of me being here I asked the friars if they do anything special for their birthdays and they said no.  I proceeded to explain to them what we do in the friary in San Antonio: we get a cake, a card, a gift, and the birthday boy gets to pick the meal. Once I said that I was told "You're hired"!  Well I do not think the friars thought I would remember....but I did!

On Tuesday - the first night we were all home since Jorge's birthday - I made a cake, had the card ready (signed by everyone) and the gift wrapped (picked out by Walter, Lara, and I). Jorge did not request a special meal, but he did request a "Dummy Cake" which is canned fruit, cake mix, and butter that comes out of the oven like a cobbler.  Jorge wanted strawberries with yellow cake.  Below is the photo of the cake.

As you can tell from the picture, I needed to use nuts to spell out Feliz CumpleaƱos. I chose pecans!  Why? In Costa Rica I have not been able to find the little tubes of icing that can be used to write "Happy Birthday" on cakes, so I used nuts.  Next time that I need to write something on a cake I will probably just take regular icing, put it in a plastic bag, cut off one of the corners, and then write whatever it is that I need to write.  Anyway, that is why yesterday I made a pecan pie, so as to use up the pecans.

And lastly here are photos of Jorge with the cake.  The first one is of him laughing after blowing out the candles.  The second one is of him still, he looks frustrated in the photo because in the other 5 photos I took he was blurry and in this photo he was sick of smiling. All he wanted to do was eat the cake, but I couldn't blame him for wanting to do that!

Until tomorrow....have a great Friday!

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