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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Teatro Nacional - My two visits...

I arrived to Costa Rica on Friday, June 25 and the next day I got the chance to visit the Teatro Nacional aka the National Theatre.  Below are photos of the Teatro Nacional:
The Outside of the Building
The Stage

The different types of seating
A close-up of the ceiling
This photo is obviously not in the Teatro Nacional, but it is outside of it. As some of you may know there is a great homemade ice cream shop in Old Town Alexandria, VA (USA); which I loved to go to, so this photo is in honor of Pops in VA. There is a Pops Ice Cream shop located very close to the National Theatre and it is a chain of Ice Cream in Costa Rica.

My First Visit: For my first visit to the Teatro Nacional I was invited by Fray Walter along with Fray David to see two concerts.
The first concert was entitled Camerata Preparatoria and was directed by Lorna Costillo
The second concert was entitled Orquesta Sinfonica Infantil and was directed by Miguel Peña. This concert featured one of Fray Walter's students playing the flute, he is the person that gave us the tickets to the concert.

My Second Visit: My second visit to the Teatro Nacional took place this past Sunday, August 8th (which was my father's 69th birthday).  Friars Maury, Francisco, Walter and I along with Yamilet (The Administrative Secretary of St. Francis College), Isabelle (Primary School Secretary of St. Francis College - Yamilet and her are sisters), and Marta (Physical Education Coordinator of St. Francis College) We went to see La Italiana en Argelia. Here is a link to the story in Spanish and English. The show was great.
The view from our seats

Friars Francis, Francisco, Maury and I. (We took two group photos, in one Maury has his eyes closed and in the other Francis has his eyes closed.  The photo above has Francisco's eyes closed, so below is a photo of him with his eyes open) *This photo was taken by Yamilet*
After the show we went to a great restaurant called Tin Jo.  It was fabulous! I cheated on my fructose intolerance that night hardcore.  Besides eating onions in my fried rice (which was huge), I had two desserts. One was Banana's Tempura and Vanilla Ice Cream and the other was a Tres Leches Cake that Francisco, Maury, and I split. Thank goodness I was very vigilant the week before because my body handled the food pretty well.

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