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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Cousin's Wedding at Lake Louise

Calling all of Andre and Meghan's family and friends to a beautiful yet remote location! That is right my cousin Andre married his fiance Meghan in Lake Louise, Canada which is about two hours north of Calgary. On Saturday, June 12 in The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Andre and Meghan were married. Below are a bunch of photos from the wedding. Sorry for the amount, but I had to brag - Andre is one of my first cousins from my mom's side.

*All of the Photos in this post were not take by me, but are a combination of many cameras, as always please do no use without permission*

Meghan and Andre exchanging their wedding vows!

The Groomsman (Rami at the far left is the Best Man, Andre's Brother, and my cousin. Patrick, the second guy from Rami is also a cousin.)
The Bridesmaids
Andre and Meghan's first kiss as husband and wife.
Groom's side - Uncle Adel, Meghan, Andre, Paula (my mom's sister), and Rami.
Bride's side - Dad, Grandma, Meghan, Andre, Mom, and Brother

The next set of photos are an ode to the family (Sorry that I did not have the group photo of everyone):
Uncles and Grandmom from Andre's side of the family
Nancy, Pete, and Sophia
Alex - I love this one
Taunt Salwa - all the way from Egypt!
My mom and Sophia

The Reception:
The Couple's first dance
Me giving a blessing before we eat! Now here is a funny story, I was trying to make sure that I did not forget Meghan's name; so I kept running her name in my head over and over "Meghan Elliott, Meghan Elliott, Meghan Elliott." Well I remembered it so much that I forgot my own cousin's first name. In the prayer I said "the wedding of Meghan and Elliott" instead of Meghan and Andre! I know how I could I, but I did. Thankfully Andre took it in stride and so do I so that I could actually finish the blessing.
The cake cutting!
An Egyptian Wedding Reception would not be complete with a Belly Dancer - Here is a photo of my Uncle Ashraf and the Belly Dancer - Words could never describe this photo with justice
Me and my cousins (Rami and Andre)
Me and the Beautiful Couple
The Next Day - Check out the Onesie Nancy and Pete got made
A close-up of Sophia and the onesie


Shelly said...

Thanks for sharing such a great information about wedding arrangements

Andre3000 said...

I love the pictures, and the stories, and the memories. Thanks for the post Nader.

Friar Nader Ata, OFM Conv. said...

I am glad that you found the post helpful Shelly!

Friar Nader Ata, OFM Conv. said...

Your welcome Andre! It is my pleasure!

Meghan said...

Thanks for sharing this post with us. It was great having you and the whole family there to celebrate with us. All the best to you in Costa Rica!

Friar Nader Ata, OFM Conv. said...

Thanks Meghan! It was a blast!