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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Last Visit to the MD Area before Costa Rica

On Friday, June 19, I made a surprise visit to see my best friend Michael Tenney and his band (The Understudies) in honor of them finishing - okay almost finishing - their first album. The album will be out this Fall so look out! It was a great surprise, I planned it with Laura Van Duzer, his other bandmate. As I was getting out of the car when Pokey said, "Your Friar Lair!" He said this because earlier in the day I told him that I was not coming. It was a great time included being recorded for the album (trust me, I am not singing), a bonfire, brats, friends, and an ice cream cake. Not to brag, but I brought the ice cream cake below and put the band's logo on it. God bless the young women at Cold Stone who put it on the cake for me!
The Ice Cream Cake - I think it would have been a disaster if Cold Stone tried to make black icing - so red had to work...see the real logo colors below
Here is a photo of Michael and Laura
The Original Logo

*The photos about the Understudies were not take by me. The three photos that follow were.*

The following day I was blessed to see Nancy, Pete, and the Baby as well as Pete's Family at their house in MD. Here are some photos from the visit. Sophia doing some tummy time as Nancy and Pete watch
Opa playing with Sophia
Sophia in a mid-dance pose!

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