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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Nature of Lake Louise

My previous post was on my cousin Andre's wedding to Meghan at Lake Louise, but I failed to show any photos of the lake. Well here they are as well as other nature centered photos. I hope that you enjoy them. Thanks to the Poor Clare Sister of Bordentown, NJ I have learned how to attach photos from Picasa site to my blog; therefore the last image in this post is a slideshow of all of the nature photos I took.
The Chateau and Lake Louise
Horseback riding Adventure Number One: Me on Horse with the Chateau and the Lake behind me. I have to say that riding a horse has been on my Bucket List for the past 2-3 years and I got to fulfill that dream at Lake Louise. We had some free time so I went! *This photo was taken by Matt the riding instructor.*
A map of the Mountains
A real photo of the Mountains
The boats you can take out for a row or two
Me on a boat
Boat view of the Chateau
Boat view of the Mountains
A close up of the water. *This photo was not taken by me, but by Pete*
Horseback riding Adventure Number Two: When some of my cousins arrived to Lake Louise I told them how I went horseback riding and they decided to do it too. Interestingly they only wanted to do the hour and a half ride and I said, "You are going to want to do the three hour ride when you see that horses!" and they said "No", but after all we went on the three hours course. So below are more nature pics. This photo above is probably when of my favorite photos that I have every taken and it was done on a horse!
Mirror Lake - If I remember correctly it is called "mirror" lake because when looked at from above it gives a reflection like a mirror.
Lake Agnes
A waterfall being supplied by Lake Agnes
Me and Lake Agnes
The view of the Chateau from Lake Agnes
Me and the view from Lake Agnes behind me
A Moose Sighting!
At a closer look it is Sophia...isn't she and the outfit precious? *This photo was taken by either Peter or Nancy not me*

A photo of Moraine Lake with a rainbow.

Please click on the image if you would like it enlarged:


fr. Matt, OFM Conv. said...

And they should not ride horseback, unless they are driven to do so by manifest necessity or infirmity. RB III

Friar Nader Ata, OFM Conv. said...

Oh Matt! What would I do without you in my life? I will remember that quote on my flight back to the states!