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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Día del Niño

On Thursday, September 9, Costa Rica celebrated Día del Niño.  It is a day to celebration children and there are no classes on that day.  Everyone gets to dress down on that day (no uniforms), play sports and games, watch a show, and eat pizza. Above photo is the decorations that 4C put on their chalk board.  

The next four photos are from the show that took place in the primary school gym.  There was a mime who was pretty funny and really captured the students's attention.  
Then a gymnast/person like from Cirque du Soleil came and did some cool acrobatics.
Below is a close-up of him hanging in the air by these two long pieces of red fabric.
Here is a close-up of the mime, his makeup was great for his role.
The photo below is to give you an idea of the number of students that are in the Primary School.
After the show it was time for pizza, here is a photo of the students rushing to the pizza tables.
The next montage of photos were obviously not taken by me because I am in them, but they were taken by Alicia one of the teachers.  As part of the day there were these wooden boards with characters on them who had no heads and the children had to throw plastic balls through the hole where the heads would have been. Some of the teachers wanted me to put my head through the hole, so I did.
Here is me in the caterpillar.

Then I put me head in so that just my hair was showing.
Then the art teacher who made the boards wanted me to stick my feet through the hole so I did.
Since I already had my feet propped up, I decided to enough the sunny weather for a bit.
After the caterpillar, I moved to the image of Browser from Super Mario Kart.  While there one of the children gave me a pink plastic ball to put in my mouth, the above photo is proof that this occurred.

Everyone had a lot of fun that day! The children also go to leave early on that day too. 

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