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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tour of Colegio St. Francis

Welcome to Colegio St. Francis!  As promised here is a close-up of the buildings taken in aerial photos posted earlier. At the bottom of this post is a short 31 photo slideshow of the pictures from the school.  I am going to highlight a few of them now.

Here is a photo of the secondary school for the second floor looking out onto a courtyard where there is a big statue of St. Francis and a fountain/pond with fish.
Here is a photo of the Primary School and the Preschool.  Between the three schools there are 1500 students. I am blessed to work with grades 1-6 which equals 18 classes because every grade level is divided in to three class (A, B, C).

Also in this picture is the kiosk (el kiosco).  I point out the kiosk because during numerous English Conversation class I came to the kiosk with the teachers and students, and we practice speaking in English.  The first week the children practiced speaking about their vacations and then we moved to describing everyday activities (ie. How to tie your shoes? How to take care of a pet? How to make a salad?  How to make a milkshake).  I hopefully next week I will be learning how to describe the same activities but in Spanish.
Here is a typical common area between the different classrooms.  I actually really like this set-up.  Each common area is shared by six classrooms, this one is of 3A, 3B, 3C, and 4A, 4B, + 4C. There are three others: one of the Preschool, one for first and second grades, and another for fifth and sixth graders.  Also each classroom has a bathroom in it, which in my opinion is pretty convenient.
Here you can see what a normal week for the children looks like. Everyday they have English classes, either regular class (grammar, spelling, reading, etc.) or the Conversation class (speaking and vocabulary, which are not graded).
Here is a typical classroom. As you can tell it possible to put the desks in various shapes.
Last but not least is the Teacher's room.  Here we gather to eat, converse, laugh, and relax before and after school as well as during recro (recess).  The person at the head of the table is Doña Rosaria the director of the Primary School.  There are many of my friends and colleagues pictured here, but I will not name them all so as to not forget anyone.

Well to my home at least from 7:15 a.m. to 2:45 p.m!

Feel free to come and visit if you would like! 

Here is the slideshow with more photos to entice you to come and visit...

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