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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Relics of St. Anthony have arrived...

On Thursday, September 2, Costa Rica was graced with the relics of St. Anthony arriving.  The relics came from the Basilica with Fray Luciano Marini (Province of Padua, Italy) and will be with us for15 days.  Along with having Fray Luciano with us, we also have Fray Javier Fontana (Province Rioplatense, Argentina/Uruguay) who works for El Mensajero de San Antonio (Spanish Edition of the St. Anthony Messenger).  There are two types of reliquaries that were brought from Padua. One contains a piece of the rib of St. Anthony and the other contains parts of heart tissue, organs, and skin of St. Anthony (I will post close up photos this week when the relics make a second visit to Moravia).  Here are some photos of our first day with relics.

Me in the trunk of the car with the relics of St. Anthony.  I felt that I needed to take a photo to capture the moment.  The smile on my face hopefully expresses the joy that is in my heart to have the patron of the Province that I am a part of in Costa Rica.
Here is the first Church that had the relics on display, Parroquia de San Vincente.
Here is the display of the bust of St. Anthony and the Child Jesus and people gathering to pray and take photos.
Here is Fray Victor with the small reliquary, which contains a part of St. Anthony's rib, people are coming up to him to venerate St. Anthony.
Here is another view of people venerating St. Anthony, as you can see his relics have drawn a pretty good crowd.

And lastly here is a photo of Fray Jorge being interviewed by a local TV station about the relics of St. Anthony.

It is a great blessing and testament to the faith of the people in Costa Rica to have the Relics of St. Anthony with us. St. Anthony pray for us and intercede for our prayers!

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