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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Modern Technology

When I came to Costa Rica I never thought that I would be seeing my friends and family more than I did when I lived in the States.  Thanks to Modern Technology of Skype and G-Mail Video Chat I have been able to see and talk to Reto in Texas, Pokey in Maryland, and The Roger's Family (Ed, Liz, and Ruthie) in Texas.

On Sunday, September 5, I was blessed to talk to my family for the first time through video chat with me in Costa Rica and them in New Jersey.  And to top it all off, my whole immediate family was there, Mom, Dad, Nancy, Alex, and Sophia.  They are doing very well and looking great. Sophia is so cute and so big from the last time I saw.  I wish I would have a taken a picture of them, but I never thought of it until I longed out of G-Mail.

Twice this week, once on Tuesday and then again today, I got the chance to talk with the Craine Family (Erin, Rick, and Ricky).  Oh what a joy it was.  Below is a photo I took with my camera while we were video chatting.
Erin is doing well and is expecting her second child.  Rick is great and preparing to run another marathon this fall.  And Ricky is as cute as a button and is talking up a storm.  It was an awesome experience for me.  On Tuesday I planned a "surprise" chat with Erin and Rick so that I could talk to my friends Ryan and Laura.  I wanted to talk to them because Ryan proposed to Laura on Friday.  CONGRATS TO THEM AND MANY BLESSINGS!

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