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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

FrancisCorps House Blessing and Where's FrancisCorps?

On September 9th the friars and friends of FrancisCorps gathered to bless the house of FrancisCorps 12. Below is a photo of everyone that is was present.
Here is the list of everyone in this photo (L-R): 
First Row: Fray Walter, Jordan, Alvero, Mateo, Brittany, Marta, and Yami. Second Row: Kelli, Fray Jorge, Me, Fray Francisco, Fray Jim, Jelly, and Tom. Not Pictured: David who was taking the photo
Above is a photo of people who were gathered for the House Blessing and oddly there was a group of us who were all wearing the color blue.  (L-R) Jordan, David, Me, Fray Jorge, Jelly and Tom. 

Now we are going to play a game....
Where's FrancisCorps?
There are seven people hidden in this picture. Can you find them?  
Below is a close up of everyone if you can't!

1) Mateo....our very own Filipino scarecrow, but way cooler than the one in the Wizard of Oz.

2) Tom preparing for his stigmata. (Si Dios quiere)

3) Kelli chillin' like ice cream fillin'!

4) Jordan....can you hear the bells?

5) Brittany...ready to go Under the Sea with the fish! 

6) Jelly spread out on the hammock like Jelly on toast.

7) Can you find the seventh person?...That person is actually is invisible!  

It is me, the one taking the picture!
Have a great day!

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