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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Feast of St. Clare

Today is the Feast of St. Clare and it was a busy day at the pantry! Since we are in the middle of month - our "low" period - we are trying to build up a stock of sandwiches for the end of the month and when the child-feeding programs ends. Since the pantry's regular meat slicers were not here today yours truly became the meat slicer for the day. The first picture is of bologna before it is sliced. We have to cut the meat in half before we begin to cut the bologna using the slicer. The second picture is of the bologna on the slicer and lastly there is a picture of me cutting the meat.

But this was only the beginning of my time in the kitchen today. Myself, Sr. Therese (a Franciscan Sister originally from Egypt), and Linda (our friary cook) collaborated to make an Arabic/Egyptian meal. We made Molokhia with rice and roasted chicken. I made the Molokhia (a green leaf soup, chicken broth, and roasted garlic) and a red onion with red wine vinegar topping. Sr. Therese made the rice. Linda made the roasted chicken. The dinner was served with pita bread and mango and guava juice. Thankfully the friars and the sisters loved the meal. So cheers to St. Clare and may the food and the company always for good.

PS: Br. Jim Moore says "Blog this" and Br. Peter wishes to be "unblogged"

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