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Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Weekend of Special Instances...

This weekend has been one of some very special instances. First on Saturday I received a great package from my friends Ed and Pokey. They are two all around great men, Catholics, friends, and brothers who have been influential in who I am today both as a human being and as a friar. The theme of their package is "Hello Nader" which included a great montage of pictures with them spelling out H-E-L-L-O N-A-D-E-R. It was a wonderful surprise to receive and is not what I expected. Below are two picture one with Ed (First) and one with Pokey (Second) and eventually I well got a picture of Ed, Pokey, and I together.Another special instance for me this weekend was MCing for the first time at a liturgy. MCing is shorthand for being the Master of Ceremonies at Mass. I was honored, blessed, nervous, and excited to MC at the Convocation Liturgy for Oblate School of Theology. Everything went well and people took initiative to move and do things without me needing to direct them. Now I look forward to when I get to MC again at least I won't be as nervous as I was today.

The last special instance of the weekend (so far) was that Charley's car battery would not start this evening. To understand why this is special you have to know that over the past year 3 cars in our parking lot would not start because of battery problems. The first 2 times it happened both cars needed new batteries. The third time this occurred I got that car a new battery and we later find out that the car not starting had nothing to do with the battery, rather the problem is because of the faulty alarm system. Anyway Charley's car is brand new and he was trying to show it to a potential buyer and sure enough the car did not start and the battery needed to be to jumped. I believe that the parking lot at San Damiano Friary is possessed by a cement battery power soaking whatchamacallits. I am over-reacting and not serious, but that is a lot of non-starting car batteries to have.

I look forward to what tomorrow will bring!

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