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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


For those of you who don't know watermelon is my favorite fruit! Today Miss Mary our cook in San Antonio was cutting open a watermelon and she was going to through away the rinds of the watermelon with about a quarter of an inch of the melon still on the rind. Any other friar or postulant who would have been helping her would have thrown all of those rinds in the trash. But I was the one helping her today and saved the rinds to eat. So at dinner time I placed the watermelon pieces and the watermelon rinds in two bowls next to each other and everybody enjoyed the watermelon. The catch is that no one ate the watermelon from the rinds, I was the only one! I do not know if any of you would have eaten the watermelon directly off the rinds, but if so you will have a partner to eat the with.

I know this was not a super exciting post, yet I wanted to defend my stance on watermelon. Until tomorrow...

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