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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Project Runway

Today my love for sewing and tailoring was quenched once again because of Project Runway. Last week was the premiere of Project Runway Season 6 and today is the second episode. If the friary here had an extra room that I could use as a sewing room I would set up shop but we do not have that type of space. Not to mention I do not have the time, but one day I would love to make a habit. I like Project Runway because it amazes me how people can be given little money, pressured timed, with crazy challenges, and yet some people pull off amazing outfits. If you like fashion and want to be engaged I saw check out Project Runway on Thursday at 10pm or 9pm depending on where you live.

PS: Jonathan wants you to know that this will be a great year because I am living with him.

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