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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Today was my first experience of watching the Poverello Team play softball. The Poverello Team is composed of a hodgepodge of religious, married, and single women who gather of Thursday Evening to play against other local teams. The Sisters are members of the Sisters of St. Francis, the same community as Blessed Marianne Cope. Below are some pictures for the game. PS: After the game we went to Twin Trees for pizza! It was delicious.

Sr. Cyril

(Teacher during the school year, pantry volunteer on Tuesdays, and pitcher by night)

Sr. Dolly

(Sister of many talents by day and third base by night)

Sr. JP

(Nurse by day and second base/pitcher by night)


(Head boss man at the pantry Thursday and Friday and Blessed Marianne Cope Museum tour guide by day and Dad and softball coach by night)

Nancy (Head boss lady at the pantry Monday-Wednesday by day and Mom, sewer, quilter, apple-guru, and sports fan by night) and Pat (Monday and Friday volunteer at the pantry by day and Italian cook and sports fan by night)

The Three Musketeers:

Srs. Dolly, JP and Cyril

The Whole Gang

(Nancy, Sr. Cyril, Pat, Me, Sr. JP, and Sr. Dolly - Minus Coach)

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