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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Adventures at the Beach 3 of 4 - The Sand

Now here are photos and stories about the sand at the beach. Here is the sand, which is black and very fine.  It was absolutely lovely to experience the beach in Costa Rica.
Here is I am after being buried in the sand by Toño and before this I buried him, but forgot to take a photo. After his is a photo of the pit I was buried in.
Above and below are photos of my cleaning off the sand that was all over me.
And here is a photo of me - so fresh and so clean clean!
Below is a photo of all of the trash and garbage that is brought up on the beach by the waves.  
As a joke I searched through all of the trash and found "Christmas" gifts for my family.  For my father I found beer and a vacuum hose. For my mother I found a sieve. For my sister I found a shoe. For my brother I found fabric to use in one his projects. For Pete I found beer and Lizano Salsa.  And last but not least for Sophia I found a basketball (Go Villanova!), a wheel for her bike, a Croc, and legos.
Also Toño did some searching as well and found these gifts for Sophia: a Christmas ornament, a number puzzle, and a stuffed bear and Daffy Duck. 

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