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Friday, November 5, 2010

First FrancisCorps Birthday

In October we celebrated our First FrancisCorps Birthday! Jelly celebrated her 23rd Birthday on October 9th!
Happy Birthday Jelly! 
Lucky for Jelly, October 9th fell on a Saturday so her housemates had a party for her.   As a gift I made Jelly her birthday cake.  She requested a Strawberry Cheesecake, which I never made before.  With the help of Mariela (The teacher of Cooking at the School), Tía Florita (A famous cook from Costa Rica), and Guadalupe (Our Cook) I survived my first cheesecake experience. Mariela gave me Tía Florita's cookbook which has her "Chessecake año nuevo" recipe and Guadalupe helped me to make it. Interestingly in Costa Rica they use condensed milk in their cheesecakes and it tasted very good. Below are two photos of the cakes that I made.
While at the party one of the many games we played were Celebrity The Game. Essentially everyone writes down names of celebrities on pieces of paper and then everyone has to guess what name is on the paper.  There are usually three rounds. Round 1 you can say anything except the name of the celebrity. Round 2 you can only use two-word clues and in round 3 you say nothing, using only charades and gestures.  It was a lot of fun. Below is a photo of Fray Jorge and Laura Dobles (who actually is the niece of Fray Jorge) as we were playing the game.
Below is a photo of me carrying one of the cheesecakes to Jelly.
Above we have a photo of the FrancisCorps group and below is a group photo of who was at the party around 9pm.
Our next party will be for the boys of FrancisCorps, Matt, Jordan, and Tom who were all born in a week of each other.

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