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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Semana Franciscana 4 of 5

Now we are at the heart of Semana Franciscana that focuses on the family: Día de la familia or Family Day which took place on Saturday, October 2nd.  I actually had no idea about Family Day until about two months ago when the friars jokingly talked about me having a booth to sell pastries at the event.  Well they laughed about, but I really thought about doing it.  Well what began as a joke become a reality over the time of Seman Franciscana leading up to 14 hours of baking/cooking and +700 portions of desserts.

Fray Victor had a vision of me wearing a Chef's hat for the event and the two lovely, sweet, Costa Rican women below bought me an authentic Chef's hat with my name an stitched to the brim. THANK YOU MARIELA AND ILEANA. This photo below was taken by Alicia.
So let the story begin.  If you remember my post, Welcome of FrancisCorps 12 and a Cake Story, then you will recall that the friars were having a mouse problem at one time. Since I was making a bunch of desserts and did not want to start them too early becuase there would be no where to put them safely in the friary; I began baking/cooking on Friday, October 1st around 4pm for my pastry booth.
Above is a photo of what I had finished around 2am on that Saturday morning (not including the 5 Dirt Pudding trays that were in the fridge). And below is a photo of the security blanket that I used to wrap up the desserts overnight.  And by overnight, I mean 2 hours of sleep, I woke up around 5am to continue the baking/cooking.
 Below is the final product of my labors. I have to say that I did not do everything on my own - Thank God - Walter and Jorge were a tremendous help. One of the benefits of having brothers, you do not have to do things on your own.
Here is a list of all that I made: 5 Apple Cobblers, 5 Strawberry Cobblers, 5 Rice Krispie Treats, 5 Cocoa Krispie Treats, +200 cupcakes (half vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing and the other half was chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing), 5 Dirt Puddings, 4 Batches of Triple Chocolate Brownies, and then two cakes (one Vanilla and on Chocolate)
Above is a photo of the sign that Fray Jorge drew for my booth.  I love it, it is currently hanging up in my room. The sign reads: Friar Nader's Pastry Shop: Peace and All Things Sweet (sweetness) and below that: Franciscan Delights and more....with the experience of 800 years! The next photo is of Isabel and I running the booth.  Thank you so my for all of your work Isabel, I could not have done it without you. (And just to note I have no idea who took this photo)
(The next four photos were not taken by me but by Ileana and one other person)
Here is a photo of me serving the Apple Cobbler.
Here is a photo of me eating a Costa Rica Tamale and I have to say I enjoyed it a lot and liked it more then the ones I have tried in the States. 

Now the new two photos have a story behind them.  One day Fray Walter, Maria Laura, Ariana, and I went out to see a movie, eat dinner, and celebrate Ariana's B-day.  During that trip Ariana talked about El Baile de la Polilla and her needing someone to dress up like a polilla. With not knowing what my job would be or what a polilla was I signed up for it and so did Walter.  I know now that a polilla is a moth and the job of the polilla during the dance is to remove the numbers from the dancers that the judges did not like. Below is the end result of Gloria's hard work in designing the wings - I am pictured with Ileana.
 Last but not least here is a photo of me in my two roles of that day combined: a chef and a polilla!
Unfortunatley Isabel, Fray Jorge (he sold item while I was a polilla), and I did not sell of the pastries, thus we sold them again on the Feast of St. Francis.

On Sunday, October 3rd, the Eve of the Feast of St. Francis the friars from Moravia when to the friary in Alejuela for a wonderful lunch. The students in formation and the friars there heard about my pastry booth and wanted to try one of my desserts.  But needless to say I was pastried (not a real word) out and in spite of that I did end up making for all of the guests of St. Francis day individual banana sundaes.

Later that evening we celebrated the time honored tradition of Transitus, which is the commemoration of Francis' transition from his earthly life to his life in heaven. The prayer service was done by the Secular Franciscan group in Moravia and consisted of what I call "Way of the Life of St. Francis." It was similar to the Stations of the Cross with different locations set up throughout the school campus with candles, readings, and reflections. Below are two photos from that event.

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