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Saturday, November 6, 2010

My First Trip to a Rainforest...

Two Tuesdays ago I finally got the chance to visit the nature side of Costa Rica and went to a rainforest for the first time in my life. This particular rainforest is located in Braulio Carrillo National Park and we went to Rain Forest Aerial Trams Atlantic: Costa Rica Telefericos Del Bosque Lluvioso. This year the winners of the science fair went to this location, which I knew was going to occur, but I did not know.  Well I found out the day of that the trip was occurring, so I changed quickly and hopped on the bus. It was great experience and below are some photos from the trip.
An Areal Tram: our mode of transportation through the magical rainforest
A view from the aerial tram
Some of the tallest trees in this rainforest
Me on the aerial tram
The oldest tree in this rainforest, 350-400 years old!
A close-up of some of the unique bushes in the rainforest.
Moss growing on the branches of one of the trees.
Fungi growing on a log.
Mariela one of the Science Teachers and this cool branch that was growing in path
The roots of a Palm Tree
Home of ants
A leaf that has been eaten by insects
A tapir and her child taking a stroll in the rainforest! 
I was the last person in our group during a walking tour of the rainforest and I heard a noise. I thought it was another group following us, so I turned around, but I did not see any humans. I saw this animal that I have never seen before so I immediately said "shhhh!" Then everyone in the group turned around, awed, and began taking pictures, so I did the same not knowing what I was taking a picture of. I found out later that the tapir/danta/anta is the largest indigenous terrestrial land mammal in Central America and we got to see two of them live in their natural habit.  There was no fence between us and the tapir, so I was a little scared if Mama Tapir was going to get defensive or not.  Thankfully she and her baby stopped for enough time to take pictures and then they went on there way. You can not see from this picture, but the baby tapir is actually brown colored with white spots.  The students, teachers, and I were graced to see this hybrid elephant, rhinoceros, pig, and horse of animal in it's natural home.
And last but not least all good trips have a meal! This is the spread that was put out by the Rain Forest Aerial Trams Atlantic group for lunch and I have to say it was pretty fructose intolerant friendly meal. Hopefully more nature adventures will be coming soon...

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