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Monday, November 8, 2010


Thirteen days ago the Primary school finished their regular exams for the semester, so I decided to bake some cakes to honor the hard work the teacher had done in preparing their exams.  The last time that I made something for the teachers, there was no where enough to go around; so this time I made three cakes.  Each cake was different: with the cake batter, the type of icing, colors, and messages on the the top.  The first cake on the top left of this photo reads "There are no more exams...." and the second cake reads "until November 8th." The first cake had chocolate icing with a vanilla - green colored - cake inside and white and blue lettering/decorations.  The second cake had chocolate fudge icing with a chocolate cake inside and blue and white lettering/decorations (this cake was gone like a flash).
This third cake says "Pura Vida" which essentially means "All is well in life" as well as "Uyuyuy Bajura" which is a saying from those who live in Guanacaste, one of the seven Provinces in Costa Rica and one of the first "tico" sayings that I learned here.  This cake had purple icing with a confetti cake center and red, blue, and white lettering/decorations.
 Above and below are photos that were taking in the teacher's lounge.  As you can see one side has a lot more people than the other side.  The friar covering his face below is Fray Toño, who I was supposed to introduce to the teachers in the Primary School, but I forgot.  He didn't mind though, all he wanted a piece of the cakes.
Well as I mentioned earlier the Primary School was not going to have more exams until November 8th, which is today! Today began final exams in the Primary School, so I decorated the chalkboard in the Language Lab with these words "Good Luck on your final exams!"
I aslo wrote these phrases on the board, which I myself should use when taking exams.
Breathe. Read. Think. Write.
Good Luck Everyone! You and all students where ever you maybe and at whatever level you are in, know that you are in my prayers!
St. Joseph of Cupertino (Patron of Students).....Pray for us!

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