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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Semana Franciscana 2 of 5

Semana Franciscana began with the Inauguration Ceremony to kick of the week of events on Monday, September 27.  Below is a photo of the whole school that was present for the event in the gym.
The event began with a costume contest by the Pre-school students.  Below is a photo of one of the groups crossing of the bridge that was made for this year's theme.
Here is a photo of the big wigs of the school. The academic coordinators of the pre-school, primary school, and the high school. Then there is Fray Victor (Director of the School), Fray Jorge, and Yamilet.
Here is a photo of the high school band.
Here is a photo of the musical group that came. The pre-school kids love them and danced up a storm.
Here is a photo of Fray Victor giving a speech at the Inauguration Ceremony.
Semana Franciscan continued on Tuesday with the first Inter-religious Prayer for peace event.  There were four religions present. From right to left Buddism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity (Episcopal Bishop and Catholic). I helped to decorate the table that is behind our guests, each person prayed in their own tradition for peace and then lit one of the candles on the table.
Here is of photo of the chapel filled with some of the students from the high school.
Later that evening both bands from the primary school and the high school had a concert in honor of the school's 60th Anniversary of the school
Above is a photo of the primary school band and below is a photo of the high school band.
Here is a close up of the table that was set up for the Inter-Religious event and then was used for the Band Concert.
And early on Wednesday morning we had the infamous blessing of the animals. Here is a photo of the St. Francis Statue with the water that was used for the blessing.
Last and but not least for this post, is a photo of people gathered for the blessing of the animals.

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