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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do I hear purring???...

The answer to that question is yes!  Today Roberto (One of the gym teachers) heard the purring of kittens. Somehow two kittens fell in between part of the support structures near the gym, they were trapped in a long tube of metal.  Below you can see were the metal support was cut so that we could rescue the cats.
 And the last two photos are of the kittens! They are so cute and feisty. By now they have made it to their new homes.
This incident today reminded of last year when I was driving one of our cars and at a stop light a couple was waving their hands at me.  I rolled down my window and they said, You have kittens in your car. At first I did not believe them, but they were right. Two kittens snuck down into the engine of the car. In the end, I drove back to the friary, opened the hood of the car, and eventually the kittens left the car on their own.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You very much for your quotes and sayings. They are very healing. At the most opportune moment, they have helped me immensely, and are now written on my heart. Just the right thing at the right time!