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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Semana Franciscana 5 of 5

After 4 posts on Semana Franciscana we are at the heart of our week and our lives, the Mass for the Feast of St. Francis. For this Mass, the whole school was present (high school, primary school, and preschool) as well as family members of the students. Below is a photo of everyone!
Below are Frailes Jorge and Victor as well as the pastor from Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.
Of course we have Francis and the Bridge for the weeks theme "Building Fraternal Bridges" as decorations for the Mass.
This photo was taken while Fray Victor was preaching.
Here is a photo of Mateo one of the FrancisCorps volunteers leading the music for a Communion Song.  It was sung in English and think he and the students did a great job, it is called "In the Secret" or "I want to know you"

As customary after the Mass there is a school-wide Parade through the street of Moravia.
Here are the leading flag bearers.
Here is a photo of the school preparing to march.
Above is a photo of one of two Statues of Saint Francis and below is a photo of one of the two bands that were in the Parade.
And below is a photo of banners that the high school students made.
As mentioned earlier, Isabel and I did not sell all of the pastries that were made for Family Day, so we sold them after the parade.  Check out the wig that Isabel is wearing, I bought to wear for the parade it is a friar tonsure!
Above is a photo of Isabel, Yamilet, and I before the remaining pastries.   We had 7 big trays of cupcakes and 6 small tray of Rice/Cocoa Krispie Treats. Below you can see that I redecorated the cupcakes for them to look new.  I wrote three sets of messages. Here is a photo of the one that says Construyendo Puentes de Franternidad SFC 2010. The other two said: Colegio Saint Francis 60 Aniversario and Semana Franciscana 2010 Saint Francis College.
After a busy afternoon of selling pastries I got to enjoy a great catered meal with the friars, postulants, aspirants, academic coordinators, religion teachers, the FrancisCorps volunteers and other friends of the friars.
Above is a photo of our dining room with no people and below is a photo of everyone who gathered for the meal. If you zoom in on the long table on the left side of the photo you can see the banana sundaes that I whipped up on the Eve of the Feast and finished right before the lunch.  They were a hit, thank God, I had the recipe saved from a food magazine last year.
And last but not least we have a photo of the late afternoon guests. I enjoyed the company of new friars and friends as we celebrated the immense memory of Francis and his example of imitating Christ.
St. Francis.....Pray for Us!

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