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Monday, November 8, 2010

Birthdays and another Cake Story

Recently the friars in Costa Rica had the chance to celebrate two birthdays in one weekend! First from the friary in Moravia we celebrated the birthday of Francisco who was born on October 30.  Though we did not have anything for him on his actual birthday, we did celebrate it as a community the following Tuesday.  If Francisco loves two things it is fruit and it is tea! So for fruit, he and everyone received their very one crocodile (or in Spanish el cocodrillo) which is made up a kiwi, a slice of banana, and two sugar balls for the eyes.  Below is a photo of one of them. 
The recipe was taken from a book that I found at the book fair the school had to encourage reading. Here is a photo of the cover. They also had one on vegetables and one on sandwiches. In regards to tea, Francisco received 6 boxes of tea as his gift.
The other birthday was celebrated in the friary in Alajuela for Fray Eugenio who celebrated his 78th year of life on October 31. Below is a picture of the guys from Alajuela singing. Fray Eugenio is the older gentleman standing in the background wearing glasses.
And time for another cake story. On Saturday students from theology school came to St. Francis College to play sports, eat lunch, and use the pool in honor of their semester being almost over.  Since I knew that our friars and postulants from Alajuela would there I decided to make a cake.  A made a strawberry flavored cake with chocolate icing.  After cutting the cake I tried to carry 4 pieces of the cake to bring back to the friary.  Well as you can see from the photo below I was successful in bringing the pieces back to the friary, but they were accompanied by some dirt! I fell when I was carrying them, that is why on the right side of my face you can see icing smeared across my face.  
Oh well, people liked the cake so that is what matters.

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