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Monday, November 15, 2010

Early Christmas Sightings Part 1 of 2

Now I love Christmas!  It is a time to celebrate the gift of God becoming a human. It is a time to celebrate family and friends. It is a time to celebrate the beauty of giving and receiving gifts.  It is a time to celebrate the awesomeness of nature (aka snow in my case). It is a time to enjoy the anticipation of Advent, the joys of Christmas, and the great feast days that follow until the New Year comes. And it is a time to remember ancient biblical stories, past Christmases, and beloved holiday tales (A Christmas Carol, Home Alone, A Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th Street, It's a Wonderful Life, etc). For me Christmas also holds a special place in my heart because it is one of the few holidays that I can spend with my family while I am in formation, so it is often the time to see most members of my family in one place.

Now that you know where I am coming from, I do not want to sound like Uncle Scrooge, but I am tried of Christmas decorations coming so early!  In SEPTEMBER I saw the first signs of Christmas here in Costa Rica.  I know that there is no Halloween or Thanksgiving here, but come on, over three months in advance? Below is a photo of an article from the newspaper, it is dated Saturday, September 20, 2010.  Whatever happened to waiting until December for Christmas? In my humble opinion I think we have gone a little overboard.
With that said, here are some photos of the Primary School decorations.  Again I think it is too early, but they have a reason to be decorating so early: the school year here will be finished on November 26. They are not even in school during the month of December, so if the teachers and the students want to celebrate Christmas, they have to do it now.  There were decorations in the hallways, in the classrooms, manger scenes, lights, bells, and even Christmas Trees!  Yes Christmas Trees are being sold here in Costa Rica in November.
Above we have the decorations that are in the hallways and below we have a bigger version of this decoration that is  located closer to the classrooms.
Here you can see one of the Christmas Trees that is in the classroom of 3A.
Add here to can see a manger scene made out of paper that is in the classroom of 3-C.
These are just some of the Christmas decorations that can be found at St. Francis College in November, tomorrow I will hopefully show you the decorations that I came up with. 
Peace and all good things!

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